On December 12, 2011 World Surfing Reserves posted a global press release announcing April 28, 2012 as the dedication date of the new Santa Cruz World Surfing Reserve. Formation of a “Local Stewardship Council” to protect the reserve was also announced. SEA’s West Coast Environmental Projects Director, Jim Littlefield Chairs the LSC.

“I’m honored to work with the LSC to preserve and protect our wonderful coastline and our world-class surf breaks,” Jim says. “The dedication event…or events…will make big news in the surf-world and will gain large amounts of media exposure around the globe. Santa Cruz city and county is an area with many active wave-chargers on the pro level, a community known for its strong environmental ethos, and a long history of surf culture that helps identify the community, so I’m sure the Santa Cruz World Surfing Reserve will be seen as a model for other coastlines as the WSR program expands.”


• To protect, preserve, and bring awareness to the importance of conserving the enshrined WSR;

• To share the break’s mystique, beauty, and value with the local community as well as broader communities;

• To educate local, national, and international audiences on the importance of protecting and preserving the surfing Reserve;

• To help share the sport and culture of surfing locally and with the world in a sustainable fashion

SEA was the key force in gathering support to establish the SCWSR, so we hope to see an excellent dedication event in April.

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