Surfers’ Environmental Alliance 2018 High School Surf Team Challenge

Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (“SEA”) is a non-profit organization that is committed to the cultural and environmental integrity of the sport of surfing.  SEA works closely with communities across the world to achieve our goals. We have raised over $3 million for environmental and humanitarian causes over the past 10 years.  Additionally, we offer over $10,000 in academic scholarships every year.

We are challenging high school surf teams to initiate projects that meets SEA’s mission statement, which is:

Surfers’ Environmental Alliance is committed to the preservation and protection of the environmental and cultural elements that are inherent to the sport of surfing. Our goals are achieved through grassroots efforts, community involvement, education and humanitarian efforts. We engage in projects that strive to conserve the quality of our marine environment, preserve or enhance surf breaks, protect beach access rights, and safeguard the coastal surf zone from unnecessary development.

Every high school surf team that submits a project that is approved by SEA and is successfully completed will receive a minimum of $500.  Please note SEA will approve up to 20 projects, and each school team can submit up to 2 projects. Additionally, the SEA Board of Directors will choose the top 3 projects.  The top 3 projects will receive and additional $1,000, $750, and $500, respectively.

Fill out online application at for Project Approval (see below)If approved, your team will receive $500 upon successful completion of project.
If your project is one of the top 3, your team will receive additional financial support from SEA!


Submit the Following Information in the Online Application to Receive SEA Approval (If approved, school will receive $500 upon successful completion of project and all steps listed herein are followed)

Date(s) of Project (projects from September 19, 2018 – December 15, 2018 will be accepted)

Detailed Description of Project (what will be done, what will accomplished, what/who will benefit, etc.)  For the avoidance of doubt, this needs to be very thorough.


After Project Completion
Summary of event, including detailed description of the impact on the community.  This can be in text and/or video form. Please also provide statistics on actual surf team and community participation


Project must meet SEA’s mission statement and have a meaningful impact

Project must go beyond what is expected from a surf team’s obligation to the community (for example, surf team members are expected to have beach sweeps after contests and throughout the year, so a beach sweep will most likely not be an accepted project)

High School Surf Team cannot financially benefit in any way from Project (i.e., SEA will not provide funds for a team fundraising event)

Project must be run by high school surf team members and not by parents, guardians, teachers, or coaches.  Parents, guardians, teachers, and coaches can provide supervision, provide guidance, and participate, but the project must originate and be driven by the high school surf team members.

Required information can be submitted in presentation or documentation form.  Pictures and/or videos are encouraged. All information MUST be prepared by the students.  Any submission prepared by parents, guardians, teachers, or coaches will not be considered.

High School Surf Team must be approved and recognized as a team or a club by their high school.

All project proposals must be submitted online at

High school surf team coach must submit a signed letter stating that all rules have been met (please include this at the end of the Project Description on the online application form..

Surf teams must include #seasurferofficial on all social media that promotes the project.



Q:  Our intended project requires us to purchase supplies (such as dune grass).  Will SEA cover the cost?
A:  Send your proposed project details and budget to Chris Macioch.  If approved, SEA will order the supplies for your project so there is no cost to your team.


Q:  We ran an event back in May 2018 that meets all of SEA’s objectives?  Can we submit this project?
A:  No.


Q:  We will be running a project that falls within SEA’s mission statement, but the team will also financially benefit from the event.  Will it be considered?
A:  No.


Q:  Can you give us some examples of projects that meet SEA’s mission statement?
A:  Dune grass planting, taking underprivileged children surfing, raising funds to buy surfing supplies for wounded soldiers, and running multiple educational events that raises awareness to the consequences of offshore drilling are some examples.  Basically, we need to see a commitment from the team that will make a meaningful difference and will take some time to plan and execute. We would really like to see projects that currently do not exist. We encourage creativity, and if you are unsure about your project please reach out to Chris.


Q:  Can you give us some examples of projects that will not be accepted?
A:  A beach sweep or sitting outside a supermarket collecting funds are two examples of projects that will most likely not be considered.  We need to see something that falls outside the scope of a surfers’ inherent responsibilities, as well as meaningful sweat equity.


Q:  Can my school submit more than one project, and if so, will we receive additional money for each project?
A:  Each school can submit two projects, and if they all meet the objectives, the surf team will receive up to $1,000 ($500 for each project).  If one of the projects is deemed the winning project, the surf team will receive up to $2,000 ($500 for each project plus $1,000).

Q:  What is your website?


Q:  We have more questions.  Who can I reach out to?
A:  Reach out to Chris Macioch at

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions!


Surfers’ Environmental Alliance Board of Directors