About Us

Surfers’ Environmental Alliance is committed to the preservation and protection of the environmental and cultural elements that are inherent to the sport of surfing. Our goals are achieved through grassroots efforts, community involvement, education and humanitarian efforts. We engage in projects that strive to conserve the quality of our marine environment, preserve or enhance surf breaks, protect beach access rights, and safeguard the coastal surf zone from unnecessary development.

SEA was founded by a surfers who wanted to do something to protect the ocean, beaches and coastlines, and keep this planet a safe place to surf. If you own a surfboard, enjoy the beauty of the ocean, or if you are concerned about preserving our ocean planet, get involved with SEA.
We are based in California on the west coast, and New Jersey on the Atlantic coast, but we would be delighted to help you start a chapter in your area.
SEA is driven by all the wonderful and committed people whose projects we sponsor and support. There’s lots going on in the SEA world and there are plenty of opportunities for anyone who wants to be involved.
Surfers’ Environmental Alliance
PO Box 3154
Long Branch, NJ 07740-3154
Our motto:

Surf first! Then, let’s get to work.

Board of Directors

  • Richard Lee ( Executive Director/East Coast Director ) email ●
  • Jim Littlefield ( West Coast Director ) email ●
  • Frank Walczak ( CFO ) email ●
  • Darian Boyle email ●
  • Willard Somers email ●
  • John Grossarth ●
  • Jamian Laviola email ●
  • John J. Connor email ●

Surfers’ Environmental Alliance Staff

  • Chris Macioch  ( Manager ) email ●

SEA Paddle NYC Team

Richard Lee

SEA Executive Director 

Chris Macioch
SEA Manager