Sea Bright Beach club access issue

SEA has contacted the news media about NJ beach access issues and is actively pursuing these issues with local politicians. For example, in Sea Bright, a new beachfront was developed via multiple tax funded beach replenishment programs. Beach clubs have since placed cabanas and no trespassing signs on this beach that was under the ocean before your tax dollars built it. In some cases armed guards are stopping anyone who tries to walk on the beach in front of the private clubs. Recent litigation states that in most cases the public has the right to use 60% of the beach, not just the area near the high water mark.

The link below details the settlements with each of the Sea Bright Clubs.  SEA is committed to maintaining and creating public access to the ocean, and elimininating deceptive practices for keeping the public off so called private beaches.

Also, see link to news story in the Newark Start ledger-