New rules proposed by Gov. Christie in regard to overall access

Governor Christie is proposing that each NJ Municipality make its own beach access rules. Current rules require public access points, restrooms, parking, etc at 1/4 mile intervals, especially if a town wants beach replenishment funding.  Before the state mandated uniform access rules, towns severely limited public access and surfers were sometimes arrested just for walking to / from the ocean.  NJs pricey oceanfront is extremely overdeveloped and many of the ocean front home owners expect an exclusive private beach without masses of beachgoers and cars in front of their estates.  Giving control back to Municipalities will negatively impact our right to get to the ocean as these property owners will and are currently lobbying politicians to “keep the public off our beach”.  SEA is working with other environmental groups to provide an access plan that will be accepted by the NJ DEP and allows us continued access to the ocean. Contact your local Congressman and demand that any town getting tax funded beach replenishment be required to provide free unobstructed access to the beach. At the very least, please do not litter and be respectful when parking to go surfing. Pick up trash instead of leaving it.  Any negative acts will be used as a reason to keep us from accessing the water.