Deal New Jersey ordinance #1124 Tabled

Deal, NJ Parking situation... (December 2015)Opposition to the ordinance was voiced through an online petition as well by a representative from the New Jersey Department
of Environmental Protection and by Congressman Frank Pallone’s’  Chief of Staff Janice Fuller.

The Borough Town Council decided to table the ordinance and discuss the parking issues at a later date.

At  a meeting held on Oct. 9 at 9 a.m. at Deal Borough Hall, residents, surfers, fishermen and other concerned citizens, had an opportunity to speak their mind about the ordinance as well as the current parking situation.

The town council gave all in attendees an opportunity to speak and took some suggestions into consideration.

If passed this ordinance would have made permit parking only situations, from 8 AM -8 PM,  May 1st – October 31st, on the entire length of Monmouth Terrace and from Ocean Avenue to the beach on five streets: Monmouth Drive, Hathaway Avenue, Sydney Avenue, Neptune Avenue and Roosevelt Avenue.

It would have prohibited non-permit parking on these streets.

In the meantime SEA would like your help in making sure that everyone is respectful of the residents while parking on Deal streets.  Please make sure that you are not leaving any trash behind, you keep your noise level to a minimum, and that you are only parking in permissible sections of the street.  Please keep a look out for visitors who may not be familiar with the area and ask them to be respectful, while reminding them that people actually live here.   Working together with the town of Deal and its residents is a win for everyone!